Physical Therapy in Highlands Ranch

physical therapy Dr. Aaron Casselman, DC Pinnacle Chiropractic

Physical therapy offers treatments for all types of injuries and ailments. Issues such as tendonitis, muscle strains, muscle pain, joint pain, cartilage tears, ligament strains and bad posture can be eased and alleviated through physical therapy sessions.

At Pinnacle Chiropractic in Highlands Ranch, our Physical therapy team aims to help each person to heal and recover from a wide array of injuries. Research on Physiotherapy has found that it is one of the best ways to reduce pain and inflammation from injuries in an efficient and effective way. Individual’s who undergo Physiotherapy treatment are able to function at an optimal level, whilst improving their quality of life.

One of the most popular types of Physiotherapy is musculoskeletal treatment. This treatment helps increase movement by finding out the reason behind obstructed movement, as well as symptoms of pain and inflammation. Physiotherapy can treat all types of issues, such as:

  • Dysfunctions in the spine, neck, pelvis, lower back, ribs and TMJ
  • Injuries related to sports
  • Muscle tears and strains
  • Tendonitis
  • Trauma or injuries to the elbow, shoulder joints, foot, knee, ankle and hips

Ligaments, muscles, bones, tendons, joints and menisci are often affected by musculoskeletal injuries. This causes symptoms such as inflammation, limited range of movement, pain, joint and muscle weakness.

Physiotherapy Benefits

The purpose of Physiotherapy is to help individuals regain their optimal range of movement, alleviate pain and promote overall wellness. This is typically done by lessening pain and restoring mobility. There are various benefits to Physiotherapy, such as:

  • Recovery assistance – Physiotherapy focuses on each individual and caters to unique needs. A tailored treatment plan is created for each individual and encompasses unique goals, requirements and limitations. Unlike general treatment plans, Physiotherapy aims to assist in recovery to make sure that the individual recovers at the quickest speed with the best results possible.
  • Better mobility and movement ­– One of the fundamentals for optimal health is the ability to move. Hindered movement has a number of negative side effects such as increased likelihood of heart attacks, stroke and obesity. A balanced mind and body system is achievable through movement and restoration. Physiotherapy helps restore, enhance and maintain motion and mobility.
  • Reduce drug dependence/need for surgery – Physiotherapy should be considered as a first treatment option before prescription drugs or surgery. It has been found to treat all types of conditions without any requirement for surgery or drugs, such as body pain and meniscal tears.

What Happens During Physiotherapy?

Pinnacle Chiropractic Physical therapy treatment creates an individualized plan to suit each and every individual’s requirements. The reason we create a tailored plan is because we realize that no two bodies are alike and everyone responds to treatments differently. What might be beneficial for one person may not work for another.

There are factors that cause differences in the way a body responds to treatment, such as physical activity level, body type, common habits and natural alignment.

It is common for a Physiotherapy treatment to include a variety of passive and active treatments to help lower pain. Some of these treatments include low-impact exercises, stretching, strengthening exercises, pain reducing exercises, hot/cold remedies and ultrasound.

Try our Physical therapy treatment to be free from pain, without the risk of surgery or medication. Contact Pinnacle Chiropractic and Spinal Rehab Center in Highlands Ranch, CO for more information on our services or to book an appointment today.