Voted best chiropractor in Highlands Ranch 14 Years!

“Voted Best Chiropractor” Near Me In Highlands Ranch, CO

Highlands Ranch chiropractor, Dr. Aaron Casselman, DC has been voted best chiropractor in Highlands Ranch, Colorado by the readers of the
Highlands Ranch Herald for 14 years. Doctor Casselman has provided chiropractic care to the Highlands Ranch community since 2007.


Our chiropractic treatments may be just what you need to enhance your overall well-being and mobility. Life can be stressful and impact your body in many different ways. Chiropractic care can readjust and realign the spine and reduce all the stress and pain your body is experiencing. Give your body the care it deserves and trust our staff in Highlands Ranch for your much needed treatment.

Auto Accident

Auto accidents can be very devastating events and leave your car and your body needing help. We offer auto injury rehabilitation services to ensure your injuries are treated early and don’t worsen over time. At Pinnacle Chiropractic, our services can bring you peace of mind knowing that you will be okay and that your auto accident injury will be treated effectively.

Spinal Decompression

We provide non-surgical spinal decompression therapy, to relieve back pain and promote healing. Spinal decompression can provide the ideal healing environment for bulging, herniated, and degenerating discs. This is an effective method of stretching the spine to allow nutrients and blood to accelerate healing. 

Meet the Highlands Ranch Team

Meet Your Highlands Ranch Chiropractor At Pinnacle Chiropractic

Pinnacle Chiropractic

Dr. Aaron Casselman, DC

Receiving good chiropractic treatment begins with finding a good chiropractor. Dr. Casselman has been practicing chiropractic care for over 17  years, 15 of those years in Highlands Ranch, CO, and is known for providing the best treatment for every patient. Every treatment plan is personalized to each patient and their individual needs. Dr. Casselman has experience treating a variety of injuries from accidents, to misalignments in the spine, to scoliosis. Our staff has the knowledge and skills needed to get you the treatment you require, along with excellent service. 

Pinnacle Chiropractic Highlands Ranch, CO

More than 250 satisfied patients have rated us five stars online


Voted best chiropractor of 2023

by readers of the Highlands Ranch Herald

Injuries We Treat at our Highlands Ranch Clinic

Pinnacle Chiropractic Highlands Ranch, CO


There are hundreds of kinds of headaches and just as many causes. Proper diagnosis can help stop chronic headaches before they begin. Whether your headaches are linked to stress or diet, posture or changes in the weather, our chiropractor Dr. Casselman has strategies to help you avoid and treat headache pain



Migraines are a type of severe headache that often include other sensory symptoms called auras. The pain from a migraine can be debilitating and can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light. Chiropractic care can help mitigate migraine symptoms and reduce risk factors for them.



Sciatica describes pain in the lower back and legs. It is a kind of neuropathy, or nerve damage. Chiropractic treatment can relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve caused by damaged or compressed spinal discs. To schedule an appointment for spinal decompression or other therapies for sciatica, give us a call today. 

Pinnacle Chiropractic Highlands Ranch, CO

Back Pain

Back pain is a common issue and Pinnacle Chiropractic in Highlands Ranch has the experience and knowledge to reduce your back pain, and increase your mobility and quality of life. 

Pinnacle Chiropractic Highlands Ranch, CO

Neck Pain

At Pinnacle Chiropractic, we provide chiropractic treatment, including adjustments to realign the spine and manage neck pain. The treatments we use will vary depending on the cause of your pain. 

Pinnacle Chiropractic Highlands Ranch, CO

Auto Injuries

Auto accidents can be devastating and leave you with lasting injuries. Our staff at Pinnacle Chiropractic has many years of experience in auto injury rehabilitation, and are confident we can help you find relief. 

Pinnacle Chiropractic Highlands Ranch, CO

Numbness and Tingling

Avoid taking numerous medications and get relief from the numbness and tingling you are experiencing, with the help of our esteemed specialists at Pinnacle Chiropractic.

Pinnacle Chiropractic Highlands Ranch, CO

Carpal Tunnel

If you suffer from carpal tunnel, you are not alone. At Pinnacle Chiropractic we are dedicated to finding the underlying cause of your condition and getting you quick and lasting carpal tunnel relief

Pinnacle Chiropractic Highlands Ranch, CO

Herniated & Bulging Discs

Treat your herniated and bulging discs today and prevent new issues from happening. Pinnacle Chiropractic offers a variety of non-invasive and safe treatments to alleviate your symptoms at once. 

Pinnacle Chiropractic Highlands Ranch, CO

Plantar Fasciitis

This condition can be very painful and debilitating. Many plantar fasciitis treatment options only get rid of the pain temporarily, but not with us. Pinnacle Chiropractic is committed to eliminating the pain and the cause. 

Pinnacle Chiropractic Highlands Ranch, CO

Poor Posture

Poor posture can affect everything in your body from digestion, to spinal alignment, to breathing. Pinnacle Chiropractic can help with stretches, exercises, and therapy treatment to improve your poor posture and reduce pain. 

Pinnacle Chiropractic Highlands Ranch, CO


There are many different types of scoliosis and affects everyone differently. That said, our experts have dealt with many of these cases and have developed several scoliosis treatments to help. 

More Than Just Pain Management from our Highlands Ranch Chiropractor

Your treatment at Pinnacle Chiropractic in Highlands Ranch may go beyond the usual chiropractic appointments, physical therapy, and sports and injury rehabilitation used at most facilities; your regime may include other treatments that your doctor recommends to lessen your pain and restore health.

Non Surgical Spinal Decompression

At Pinnacle Chiropractic, we use a traction table along with other motor devices to slowly stretch the pain and alleviate back pain. Spinal decompression can be an effective treatment for pinched nerves, herniated discs, bulging discs, and more. 

Ideal Protein Weight Loss

Losing weight provides many benefits including improving mobility, reducing pressure on your joints, and improving your overall health. That said, weight loss can be very difficult to tackle on your own. Our experts at Pinnacle Chiropractic can help!

Class IV Laser Treatment

At Pinnacle Chiropractic, we provide non-surgical laser treatment to provide permanent pain relief. Laser treatments target the joints and muscles deeply to promote healing and help you to recover faster. Find permanent pain relief today with the experts at Pinnacle Chiropractic. 

Shock Wave Therapy

Shock wave therapy is an acoustic energy wave that is directed into injured tissue. It stimulates a healing response and decreases chronic pain

Voted Best of the Best by readers of The Highlands Ranch Herald in 2023

Pinnacle Chiropractic has been voted best chiropractor Highlands Ranch again in 2023.  Pinnacle Chiropractic stood out amongst its competitors by winning the first place title for the 14th year. Dr. Casselman, DC and Pinnacle Chiropractic won the coveted best chiropractor award, which falls under the medical category of the competition. Each year area residents of Highlands Ranch, Colorado vote by mail or online for their favorite local businesses. The votes are tallied by the Colorado Community Media and include 24 of Colorado’s local communities. The business with the most votes in each category is named the Best of the Best for that specific category for that town. The Colorado Community Media is a collaborative project between Mile High Newspapers, Community Media of Colorado and MetroNorth Newspapers.

Pinnacle Chiropractic Highlands Ranch, CO

More than 250 satisfied patients have rated us five stars online

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