Chiropractic treatment is a form of manual healing that realigns the spine. This helps to relieve pressure and tension from the spine’s nerves and joints. The result of chiropractic treatment is reduced pain and improved health and wellness.

At Pinnacle Chiropractic we focus on the spine. An array of conditions can be improved by spinal treatments, such as back pain, neck pain, jaw pain, teeth grinding, hip pain, fatigue, numbness and tingling, sciatica, migraines, headaches, carpal tunnel, digestive ailments, sleep disorders and fibromyalgia.

The cracking sound is common in chiropractic treatment. It is harmless and can be compared to cracking ones knuckles. The reason for the noise is that the fluid found in the joints converts into gas, which discharges energy in the form of a cracking sound.

All our new clients are thoroughly evaluated during their first appointment to ensure that they are eligible for chiropractic care.

Yes, we take x-rays when they are required through our in-house x-ray facilities.

After you step into Pinnacle Chiropractic’s office, you will be asked to fill out some paperwork prior to meeting with Dr. Casselman, DC. Afterwards, you will be taken into an examination room where you will discuss your health conditions and concerns. Dr. Casselman, DC will then perform a variety of neurological, range of motion and orthopedic tests to further evaluate the cause of your issues. X-rays may be taken after the tests if further diagnose is required.

Most insurance plans will have some coverage for the treatments we provide in our office.  Every policy is different, though, and our staff will be happy to check your individual benefits for you if you have questions about your policy.  Also see the “Insurance” tab on this website for detailed information about how your benefits may work in our office.

Most car accident cases are completely covered by insurance. However, this also depends on your exact policy and coverage and the nature of the accident. We can go over your case to discuss your coverage by phone or during your first visit.

It is quite rare for pain to occur during an adjustment. Most patients find it to be a comfortable and relieving experience.

Chiropractic adjustment refers to manual spinal manipulation.

Chiropractors must undertake an extensive undergraduate program before entering a chiropractic school. Chiropractic school takes another 4 years to complete and is followed by 4 national board exams.

Dr. Casselman, DC has been in practice since 2005. He has been a practicing chiropractor in Highlands Ranch since 2007.