Hannah McGrew
I was suffering from vertigo and nausea, and had hit a low point when I found Dr. Casselman. I am a nurse and knew that the cause could be from a variety of things. I was in a car accident 5 years ago and had obtained a whiplash injury. My symptoms had been getting worse from there. Dr. Casselman created a plan to help get my neck back in alignment, it was pretty obvious from the xrays that that was likely the source of my symptoms. I worked with them for a year doing exercises, traction and homework. Dr. Casselman is the perfect blend of medical and holistic. He takes x-rays and uses anatomical markers to make sure every treatment/adjustment is safe. Since seeing him and his team (Hi Ash, Lennea, Jen, Mia!), I have had a drastic reduction in symptoms. I can now live my life without feeling nauseous everyday. The office staff are also incredibly friendly, always greeting you by name. It is also meticulously cleaned for every patient. Thanks so much to Dr. Casselman and his team. I would 100% recommend them to anyone looking to make a positive change in their health!
Miracle Worker!!!! Dr. Casselman is just an all around great person. I have a labor intensive job and my back will just decide to go out from time to time. I was in pain for about 5 weeks thinking that the pain would go away eventually. I finally went in as a last ditch effort. I went in with horrible pain and as soon as Dr. Casselman was done I walked out pain free. I truly felt and feel cared for by everyone in the office. I receive check up text messages just making sure everything is still good. I couldn't recommend Dr. Casselman enough for what he does. Woody W.
I have so many positive things to say about Dr Castleman and his staff. They are just amazing and really genuinely care about the patients well being. I started seeing Dr Castleman in May of this year after I was involved in a car accident and my physical condition has dramatically improved with his treatment. Also, just by seeing the interaction with the rest of the patients while I’m being cared for you know you are in really good hands. Pinnacle Chiropractic is definitely a clinic I would recommend to anyone and I will continue to be a patient even after my treatment is complete if I am in need of treatment and care.
Cullan S
Thank you Dr. Casselman, Jennifer, Lennea, and Ashley for helping me work through my neck pain and migraines! After working with the team for a few months, they were able to reduce my migraines from once every 1-2 weeks, to once every 1-2 months and helped me prevent future neck issues. The team was incredibly welcoming, understanding of last minute cancelations, and made the adjustment something I could look forward to each week.
Dr. Casselman does a great job at making you feel comfortable, listens closely to what you need and does a great job at addressing your problem. Staff is also very friendly and helpful. I 100% recommended him.
Sean Carter
Fantastic staff and very knowledgeable! My back feels better than it has in a long time after working with Dr Cassleman
B. Pottebaum
Dr. Casselman was able to determine the cause of my back pain, recommend a treatment, and has left me pain free. I certainly recommend Dr. Casselman if you're tired of chiropractors that prefer the "crack and pop see you next week" form of "treatment". He cares about treating the symptom as opposed to constantly applying band-aids.
Randy Paulson
Great experiences with Dr. Casselman (Pinnacle) and his staff. I achieved fantastic results through the neck and spine / posture program. You have to put in the work - if you do you'll get the results. My posture and neck / spine alignment have greatly improved and neck and back pain is down to almost non-existent. I continue to use Pinnacle for ongoing chiropractic needs.
Dorie Lisowska
What a great place to get your back fixed. I am so thankful for Dr Caselman and his experience who fixed my lower back problem 10 years ago. I was close to not walking and today I am lifting weights and running! I also had number of treatments just recently for my neck. Came not able to move my head or lift my arm and after developing a treatment plan, we started work twice a week. Today Iam back to normal and pain free. Dr Caselman and his stuff are very knowledgeable and truly caring deeply about patients . I highly recommended this practice before drastic surgery or if you just need a simple adjustment They changed my life and brought me back to comfortable life. Thank you.
Justin Roberson
Dr Casselman is the best. His team is very friendly and welcoming. When I first visited Pinnacle Chiropractics I could barely walk in the door because of back pain. A few months later and I feel great. I’m exercising again, loosing weight and can do my physical job without worrying about my back. If you are looking for the best, look no further. I highly recommend Dr Casselman and crew at pinnacle chiropractics!