Dr. Casselman and the team at Pinnacle Chiropractic take a holistic approach to patient care – integrating elements of physical therapy, exercise, muscle manipulation along with traditional chiropractic care. Unlike many chiropractors who promote maintenance through continual visits, Pinnacle actually wants their patients to graduate from their care after completion of a customized therapy program.

I have almost completed my second spinal correction treatment with Doctor Casselman. My first was a few years ago for a work related injury to my spine. I had a bulging disk between c7 (cervical) and t1 (thoracic) which would cause numbness in my hands. Doc Casselman was able to correct the curvature in my spine which relieved the pressure on the disk. The numbness in my hands went away and I do my homework to maintain the correct curvature. My second treatment is for my lower back. Again my spine is too straight lacking proper curvature. Through treatment the curvature has changed 20mm, which was explained to me as great results, more than expected. I no longer have pain in my lower back. I’m sure after this treatment I will no longer see Doc Casselman and his wonderful staff. No need for adjustments. Unlike many in the chiropractic industry Doc Casselman doesn’t want to see you indefinitely for adjustments. Doc Casselman helps correct the problems you’re having with your spine for a healthy life. Thanks Doc Casselman and thanks to your staff!

The office has a great staff that feels like family! Dr. Casselman is very caring and develops individual care plans for each patient….that work!. I can tell right away when I haven’t been in to the office for a while or following my exercise regimen. I highly recommend this practice!

Dr. Casselman and his extraordinary staff make every visit wonderful. They know each person by name and by need. They are fast at getting people into the therapy they need and are always concerned that the patient has reached his or her goals. The office is warm and inviting, the tea selection is outstanding and the equipment is state-of-the-art! Wonderful place!

I started going to Dr. C after I had been in a couple car accidents. At the time I didn’t want to do much besides work because of neck pain. I spent time with his program and put my trust in Dr. C, and he has turned my life back around! I’m back to playing sports and enjoying life pain free!

The Pinnacle Chiropractic team is a professional group that takes spinal rehabilitation seriously. Dr. Casselman’s approach focuses on spinal correction and rehabilitation. He takes special care to understand symptoms and he is extremely knowledgeable and professional about how to make it better. I have been apart of the program to align the curvature in my neck and it has made a dramatic improvement with my range of motion, pain, and headaches. The treatment hours accommodate all schedules and the staff is passionate and professional.

Dr. Casselman and his team are the best in Colorado! Not only do they provide the best in chiropractic care but they are very accommodating to your schedule and easy to get ahold of if needed. I highly recommend this practice!

Dr. Casselman and his staff have been a pleasure to work with over the last few months. I went to him with several problems and he prescribed a treatment plan that made a lot of sense and has proven to be quite effective. Going to the chiropractor may not sound like the most enjoyable thing in the world, but Dr. Casselman and his staff really do make it fun. I would highly recommend anyone who has any back problems or posture issues to visit Dr. Casselman.

So grateful for Pinnacle Chiropractic and Spinal Rehab Center! Dr. Casselman works to treat the underlying cause of the issue through adjustments, exercises, and methods to realign the skeletal structure. Friendly and professional staff and a positive environment for healing! Highly recommend!

I have been seeing Chiropractors since I was 14 but have never met a chiropractor like Dr. Aaron Casselman. He understands the body and looks to address the root cause of your condition so it can be resolved once and for all. My son Ben saw Dr. Casselman when he was 10 because he had really bad posture. Dr. Casselman set him up with a plan to help him strengthen and align his back. Ben finished the plan with beautiful posture and he is now 15 and still looks great. I also went to Pinnacle for back pain and with a hope he could help me with my chronic migraines. I was having migraines 4 times a month and they lasted days. I am happy to say I haven’t had a migraine in several months. He has given me my life back. I highly recommend Pinnacle Chiropractic. The staff is so friendly and helpful. Thank you, Dr. Casselman we are very happy for what you have done for our family.

Amazing group of people! They treat you like family. It was hard to leave once I was healed!

I hadn’t been to a chiropractor before and saw the great reviews for Pinnacle Chiropractic. My pain with my sciatic nerve and back was getting almost unbearable so I decided to give it a try. Glad I did. This isn’t just a temporary fix, you are given exercises to help with the long term. I was treated like family and I feel great again! Thanks Pinnacle!

As chiropractors go, I feel Dr. Casselman is one of the most thorough doctors in his field! He goes above and beyond for his patients and will bend over backwards to help make you feel your best . With severe back pain for several years, I didn’t think I was ever going to get “figured out”. From medical doc’s who seemed to just pass along prescriptions, to other chiro’s in my past who felt continuous adjustments were the answer. Granted I’d get relief for a bit but nothing ever seemed to be permanent. Dr. Casselman was the ONLY doctor who took the time to ask deeper questions about my back history at the consult, inquire about what had been tried already, an examination and then X-rays. A concern showed up on the X-ray and he referred me for an MRI. A discovery of a severe herniated disc between L1/L2 was the diagnosis. I finally had a direction to truly improve my health and I thank Dr. C for discovering it. His rehab center provides a true complete comprehensive focus on correct posture care. Thanks for everything Dr. C!!!!!!

Dr. Casselman and his staff are excellent. They have worked with me to alleviate my neck pain and created a treatment plan to keep my spine in alignment. I highly recommend Pinnacle Chiropractic!

Never been to a Chiropractor before, but Dr.C is wonderful. Fast diagnosing and good explanation of treatment recommended. Both my daughter and I went to the clinic and were happy with the results. Flexible treatment hours and friendly staff. Easy in and out, and you feel so much better!

The staff and Dr. Casselman of Pinnacle Chiropractic are fantastic. The staff is friendly and professional and Dr. C is very knowledgeable and willing take the time to explain things to you! There is a reason why their ratings are so high! Keep up the good work and thanks for making my neck feel awesome!

What a great experience I have had dealing with Dr. Casselman and his staff. Very no evasive treatment practices along with friendly people make this place my first choice for chiropractic treatment. Dr. Casselman is the first chiroptractor that I have been to that actually treats the pain and sets the goal to cure the pain. I am living proof!!

Dr. Casselman and his team are amazing. They all take the time to get to know you and your family as well as work with you to make sure you start to feel better right away.

For many years I’ve suffered lower back pain and have tried all types of therapy to overcome it. Several months ago, after having the worst back and hip pain ever, I decided to have a consultation with Dr. Aaron Casselman of Pinnacle Chiropractic. He fully explained his treatment plan and the time commitment I would need to adhere to. Through a combination of chiropractic adjustment, traction and exercises, I can say I am pain free and feeling stronger. I can highly recommend this treatment to anyone suffering pain.

I am so glad I found this place. I have seen several chiropractors before, but none like Dr. Casselman. His approach to my problem was so much more holistic and comprehensive, aiming to solve the underlying problems and not just the symptoms. He is thorough, knowledgeable, and extremely friendly and approachable. It is clear that he genuinely cares about his patients and their wellbeing. His entire staff is the same — when you walk in the door, you are greeted by name by everyone in there. It sounds strange but I actually enjoying going there for treatment. I highly recommend this practice for anyone in need of chiropractic care or spinal rehabilitation.

Dr. C and the entire staff at Pinnacle are nothing but top notch! I know I can count on an adjustment to help out with any nagging lower back problems. As a guy that plays a lot of golf, it is nice to have someone like Dr. C in my corner to keep my back in place and to help perform as well as I can on the course. I can’t recommend Pinnacle enough!

I have been to several Chiropractors in the past and none gave me the results I have had with Dr. Casselman at Pinnacle Chiropractic. They not only do adjustments but also rehab type excercise therapy in order to correct the problem for good. I had chronic neck pain that also contributed to frequent migraines for many years. Other Chiropractors gave quick relief but it didn’t last. Dr. Casselmans approach is the only thing that improved my neck pain and headaches permanently. I highly recommend Dr. Casselman. His entire office staff is also great. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

I went to Dr. Cassleman for nearly two years of stretches, adjustments and exercises for my back – it’s it’s completely and 100% better. I’ve had lower back issues since I hurt it when I was 16 years old. And had been to many many chiropractors and doctors. None knew what to do.

I haven’t always been a fan of chiropractic – and I’m still not sure about most of them – but Pinnacle was absolutely amazing. Even if you have chronic back issues, he can/will help you!

I never thought I would say this about a medical professional (after some bad experiences I have had with others), but I truly trust Dr. Casselman. He made high such quality medical decisions with my son, that he has earned my business for life. I will not go anywhere else. All I can say is ” wow and thank you Dr. Casselman.”

Dr. Casselman helped relieve my sciatic and back pain that I was having within a couple of visits. His approach to actually fixing the underlying reason why you are having pain is great. We rehabbed my neck and worked on my core to help maintain my strength so that I wouldn’t fall back in to pain. His goal is to teach you the exercises that you need to do so that you don’t have to go the chiropractor. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

So much more that a traditional chiropractor! Dr. Casselman is amazing. He truly cares and can see ways to improve your quality of life long-term after an accident. His approach to rehabilitating my neck after a nasty crash not only helped reduce my pain, but also got back mobility I thought was lost permanently. So thankful for him and his team of professionals!

Dr. Casselman’s office is the best. They are always very timely and professional. Whenever my back needs a quick tune up I know I can get in and out of Dr. Casselman’s office quickly but without sacrificing the high quality care I received from Dr. Casselman. I love the massaging chairs!

Amazing!!! Such a nice and genuine Dr. And amazing staff!

Dr. Casselman did a great job of explaining the diagnosis and setting up a treatment plan for relieving my neck pain and hand numbness. The treatments were successful in relieving these symptoms. He reviewed the results including improvements in range of motion and set up a long- term AT HOME maintenance program. I would highly recommend Dr. Casseman for anyone with chronic neck or back pain. He takes a very professional approach and explains the pateints situation very well. I was a bit skeptical coming here but my fears quickly subsided when I walked in the door.

Dr. C and his staff are the Best! I was very skeptical about going, but Dr. C has done wonders with my neck and back! Very helpful in diagnosing an issue with my neck and head that my primary care physician had overlooked. They are also very family friendly. My three kids spend the time playing with their legos! Great staff! Great Doc!

What an awesome office, friendly staff and great Doc! Thanks for making me feel better!

I’ve never been to a chiropractor until last summer where my lower back hit a breaking point for pain. Dr. Casselman diagnosed a stress fracture in my tailbone and evaluated that my head was 5 centimeters in front of my spine and he said and I quote, “I will make feel like you are in your twenties again without pain when you get out of bed.” Nine months later my neck is straightened, I have improved posture, and I feel like I am twenty years younger without lower back pain. Along with great rehab techniques per patient, he and his staff are kind and personable. As I recommended my friend for his neck, I highly recommend Pinnacle Chiropractic as the place for anyone to cure their neck and back issues.

What can I say. This is a fantastic chiropractic clinic. I have been to lots of chiropractors over the years but nobody as good as Dr. Casselman. If you are looking for a GREAT chiropractor your search is over.

Their services and recommendations were exactly what my Son needed. The spinecor brace worked exactly like we hoped it would and have been very pleased with the results. I know the costs seem expensive but the end results have all been positive. We highly recommend their services.

Dr. Casselman and his caring staff have provided good chiro and rehabilitative healing to my neck and lower back for 2 years. After a couple car and ski accidents my back needed some TLC and a caring environment to relax and get to know the staff and caregivers. Regular visits have contributed a more flexible back and helped reduce common spasms.

After visiting nearly a dozen chiropractors and doctors, over the course of ten years, to address my chronic migraines and back/neck pain, I gave up and finally took the recommendation of “no cure, do pain management instead”. Three years into pain management I grew increasingly tired of taking narcotics and happened across Dr. C’s website and called. He has been the first person to actually figure out what the issue was and offer a comprehensive solution to FIX it, not simply medicate me. It has taken nine months of hard work, by me and the entire team, to achieve the desired result- today I am virtually pain free and hardly ever have a small headache let alone a migraine. I cannot recommend Dr. C and the entire team highly enough!

Dr. Casselman is the real deal. Unlike most doctors, he won’t prescribe a pill and hope you go away. He wants you to come back, do the work and get at the core of what’s bothering you. The staff is great, and there’s a vibrant energy in the treatment area where, even though patients are doing uncomfortable things, they know they’re getting somewhere. Dr. Casselman helped me a lot with recurring back and neck pain and headaches — more relief in the past 3 months than years of doctor visits and pointless tests.

Dr. Casselman is the first professional to ever provide an explanation for my back pain! All the staff are super friendly, the facility is great, and the treatment was very thorough. Would recommend Pinnacle to anyone.

I was in a car accident this past March 2015. I made an appointment with Dr. Casselman at Pinnacle Chiropractic because my pain was unbelievable. I couldn’t move my neck, my upper back was all out of wack and swollen, pain going down my back on my left side. I was so impressed with Pinnacle Chiropractic and I was so impressed that he took the time to do an actual exam and answer all of my questions. He is not only VERY knowledgeable about his profession and how everything is connected but he is one of the kindest doctors I’ve met in a very long time. Every time I walked in the office, (and not just me) he takes the time to look over and say hello to his patients by name. His staff, Kelsey, Josh, Megan, Michelle (everyone there) and himself are all so friendly and on top of what my issues were and we got started the minute I got there. Dr. Casselman at every appointment would take the time to assess me, ask me questions about my pain and give me great advice on how to take care of myself. They also have you sit in the massage chair with ice on your neck or back for some relief from any inflammation. I was also given a coupon to go get a free massage at one of the local spa envy places! Dr. Casselman genuinely cares about you and your progress and he not only helped take away my pain he suggested books to read for other conditions, knows his patients well enough to create friendships between them or connect them for help in other ways too.  It’s a relaxing atmosphere and I felt at home when I walked in the door. I would recommend Pinnacle Chiro to any of my family members and friends ~ even to random people! The whole group is great! Plus, they have this weight loss program that I read about once while I was waiting a whole 2 minutes…. It seems to work very well. It wasn’t for me but I could tell a lot of others were benefitting from it. This is my very first review EVER ~ I don’t usually do this but Pinnacle deserves it! They work hard to make you better!  Thank you Dr. C.

Dr. Casselman and his staff are fabulous. I had a pretty straight neck, and he was able to get the curve back into my neck after intensive treatment. I have seen probably a handful of different chiropractors in my life, and none could ever really get rid of my neck/back pain and never really addressed the problem. Dr. Casselman’s approach with exercises, adjustments, traction and homework is much more effective and leads to lasting effects. I also like how he really tracks your progress and reviews before/after x-rays. In addition, his late treatment hours make it easy to come in after work. I highly recommend his practice!

Dr. Casselman, and his staff are great to work with. The office was a very friendly and positive environment for healing. I had a lower back problems / herniated disk. I worked hard through the program Dr Casselman prescribed and had great results. The program was specific core exercises, decompression therapy, and adjustments. 8 months later, my back is still getting stronger and able to do stuff I never thought would be possible during my initial injury and recovery. I recommend Pinnacle Chiropractic to anyone with chiropractic needs.
Thank you Team!

The office and staff people were very friendly and helpful.
Dr. Casselman designed a treatment plan for my daily headaches and it worked 100%.
I am without pain now for a couple of months and look at this time spent with PINNACLE CHIROPRACTIC as a full success. Thank you for all your hard work.

I was always under the impression that I had tension headaches, and I was always going to have them. I’ve been to chiropractors and ART specialists before, and it was always a temporary fix, but it turns out that they never tried to find the root of the problem. They usually blamed me for bad posture, and I was getting headaches pretty much every day. At my consultation with Dr. Casselman, he took x-rays to make sure this was the correct path for me, and showed me the next day how my neck was ridiculously straight. He said it was nothing that could be fixed with the treatments that I had been given before, and explained that we could actually add more curvature to my neck using traction, along with some physical therapy-type exercises to basically retrain my neck. He told me he could get rid of my headaches and I went home and cried as I told my husband because I really didn’t believe it was possible after living with them for as long as I can remember. Is it cheap? Not really. But what is anymore? Did it work? Hell yes. I am in the last week of my treatment plan with him, and I go weeks without headaches, and the usual triggers for them no longer have any effect on me. All doctors are costly anymore, but for one that actually gives a permanent solution to pain (and without prescriptions) is a rare find and completely worth the cost in my opinion.  Besides, you can’t beat the office staff. They’re all so sweet and fun, and genuinely care about their patients. I am so grateful for them and the work they do 🙂

I had seen a few chiropractors prior to going to Pinnacle Chiropractic and Spinal Rehab Center. I was amazed to finally learn from Dr. Casselman what was CAUSING my neck and back pain (as evidenced by xrays) versus just having my symptoms temporarily treated. His rehab approach is what not only made me feel better in the short term, but is what will help me continue to feel better going forward. I particularly liked the idea that his approach has an end date which is then followed by work you can do at home to sustain the gains you’ve made while under his care. His staff of rehab assistants and front office personnel are not only professional, but also helpful and personable. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing chiropractic care.

I was involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident and had suffered severe pain for the past year. After seeing multiple doctors and physical therapists, a co-worker referred me to Dr. Casselman’s office. In the short time that I have been in treatment, I have seen such a significant difference. He has relieved so much of my pain and I am healing so much faster than I thought possible! Great doctor, great staff, and great facility!

I did not have serious problems when I went to Dr. Casselman but problems that had persisted for years. After completing my time, I can honestly say that my back and neck feel much stronger and my ankle, that had been giving me lots of problems, is now almost problem free. Dr. Casselman listens to what you are telling him about your body and then works to fix the problem(s). The exercises that he has you do help your success and they have been very beneficial for me. Once your program is done, he also sends you home with exercises so your progress will continue even though you are no longer at the clinic. I am so thankful we found Dr. Casselman on the internet and I highly recommend him if you are having back, neck, or feet problems.

As a former Division I athlete I’ve had access to top notch medical care. My back issues had always been treated in a way that made the pain go away temporarily, but nothing really stopped the pain and discomfort from coming back. Dr. Casselman diagnosed and treated the root cause of my pain rather than just treating the symptoms. It took a while, but attempting to overcome years of damage really can’t be accomplished overnight. I finally am at the point where I don’t fear picking up one of my kids, swinging a golf club, or doing normal lifting activities around the house that used to make my back “go out” because of the alignment procedures that I was put through as part of my treatment. When my weekend warrior friends mention back pain I do not hesitate to tell them to schedule a visit with Dr. Casselman to find out what REALLY is causing their problems so that they can get on a personalized treatment plan that is right for their situation. I recognize that at any point I may do something to aggravate my existing condition, but I have total confidence in the staff at Pinnacle Chiropractic that they will be able to diagnose the issue, relieve the pain, and strengthen the components of my spine to get my back on my feet.

I enjoy Dr. Casselman’s approach to chiropractic – he’s going to teach me new habits so I don’t have to be a be a patient of his for very long?? It’s counterintuitive, but effective. Over the time I’ve been a patient, he has helped me see the error of my historical ways and given me tips on how to tweak my daily habits so that I no longer have to be a patient. This is against the mold of historical chiropractic – come back for an adjustment tomorrow, next week and so on. No joke, the work is intense, but well worth the effort! My body feels multiple times better than it did just six months ago.

In May of 2011 I was involved in an auto indecent where I found myself under the trailer of an 18 Wheeler. I felt rather fortunate that the trailer did not come up and over my Honda and crush me. I was able to walk away with no visibly noticeable injuries. The next morning I awoke to some stiffness and soreness. The following day it was noticeably getting worse. I did a bit of research on-line and came across Pinnacle Chiropractic & Spinal Rehabilitation. I called to get a Consultation with the Doctor. My first impressions were great! The reception I received on the phone was thoughtful, professional and I was shown concern for my health. When I got to the office for my consultation I was pleased to see the way the office was running. Even though, I would bet, no one would want to have been there for their various ailments the mood and atmosphere was positive. My examination and consultation was very thorough and Dr. Casselman was patient in his explanation of the injuries I had suffered. He did not over or under estimate the treatment I would need. The treatment was progressive, first dealing with the pain management, then onto rehabilitation and sustained quality of life treatment. After about ten months my treatment came to an end. I can not say enough about the excellent treatment I received from Dr. Casselman and his staff. I rarely write reviews but felt compelled to do so in this case. I could have no higher recommendation for anyone who is in need of Chiropractic Treatment. Dr. Casselman is an amazing Health Care Provider. I would never go anywhere else for future treatment should the need arise. 

Gratefully, Terry

I’ve had a great experience working with Dr. Casselman. I went to see him for the first time almost a year ago, and after xrays, he was able to explain the back and neck pain I’d been dealing with for years. He designed a treatment plan for me that has really helped. I was skeptical of chiropractic care in general, but have been pleasantly surprised by the improvements my traction treatments and the adjustments have made! The best part for me was that Dr. Casselman was able to create a payment plan that we could handle. The office staff are fantastic and very flexible with scheduling appointments. I can highly recommend Pinnacle!

The approach Dr. Casselman takes with each of his patients is extra-ordinary and unique in the industry. Having had neck surgery 20 years ago, I had issues with my neck and back that until recently I have just had to deal with. Dr. Casselman not only provided me treatment to get rid of those issues, but also tools and processes that will help me for years to come that I can use without having to see him every week and run up costly medical bills. Now I am able to maintain a healthy neck and back and only see him when other issues arise. This is a pro-active approach that is sustainable and keeps me out of his office and living more comfortably. I appreciate his services and would recommend him for all of my friends and family looking to acheive better health and long term results.

Dr. Cassleman’s approach is unique. He constantly assessed my situation in order to adjust his treatment to my needs. I went into his office months ago with pains all over caused by my running, and I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to be able to do what I love without having to stop due to injury. Even when a new symptom came up (my error), Dr. Cassleman tackled it right away. As an athlete, I can’t thank him enough.

I have suffered from lower back pain for a very long time. Being a veterinary technician for 10 years took a toll on my body and I was convinced nothing would help relieve or even eliminate my pain. After the birth of my daughter the pain became worse and I knew something had to change. I met Dr, Casselman and I knew his practice would be a great fit. He explains everything clearly and just a short time after coming to see him I’ve seen a significant improvement in my back! Not only is he treating my pain, but he’s using therapy to help keep my problems from coming back. I am so happy with the service I’ve been provided! Pinnacle is such a wonderful practice with a great doctor, staff and facility and I’m so happy to be a part of it! My back has never felt better!

Best chiropractic center I have been to in 40 years of adulthood. He designs a program based on your needs which includes using equipment in his office to correct your problem. His program for me significantly improved my mid back and neck problem I had had for years.

Dr. Aaron Casselman is a wonderful chiropractor that really knows his stuff. When I started seeing him I was having headaches & migraines almost daily. Through the combination of his innovative and cutting edge techniques he was able to make my headaches disappear in a very short amount of time. I highly recommend him to anyone with spine problems.

I suffered from frequent headaches over the past several years with no successful long-term relief. After multiple visits with my primary care physician, a MRI, and limited treatment options I became frustrated with the lack of results. I had never been to a chiropractor but turned to Dr. Casselman for answers. He was able to provide me with an explanation of the cause of my headaches and a realistic treatment plan. After several visits with him my headaches have improved significantly and I can honestly say I haven’t felt this good in years. I would highly recommend Dr. Casselman and his staff at Pinnacle Chiropractic.

If you’re looking for a chiropractor you can trust to tell you what you need without any BS then Dr. Casselman is you guy. I’ve known him for years now and can vouch for him as an ethical and moral individual.

I have NEVER felt better! I’ve seen specialist after specialist and a handful of Doctors, but thanks to Dr. Casselman and his awesome team I no longer have headaches and my neck feels great and my hands aren’t numb in the morning! I could go on and on how great my whole body feels awesome! After years of suffering with neck pain and getting no sleep because of it, I sleep through that night and wake up feeling like a new person. The treatment plan works! I refer everyone that I speak to.

I came to Dr. Cassleman’s office as I was suffering from great neck pain. I would was not sleeping well and woke up wanting to force my neck to curve more. I had very little curve in my neck and bones were starting to fuse. After diligently following his prescribed protocol, I have an increased curve in my neck, which, as a result, has eliminated my neck pain. I no longer try to push my neck and relieve the pain. I have increased mobility and am able to do more. While therapy of any kind can be boring, the office staff made it enjoyable. It was always entertaining. My kids were able to come with me and were easily taken care of if I wasn’t able to get to them. I have been to chiropractors for many years and this is the first time I have found great relief and don’t need to go once a month. This treatment was a huge gift of health for me.

I was under the care of Dr. Casselman for nearly a year for numbness and tingling I experienced in both hands, resulting from cervical spine impingement. Prior to his treatment I had received physical therapy, which gave some relief temporarily. When the symptoms and discomfort returned I consulted with a hand surgeon who diagnosed carpal tunnel and of course recommended surgery. With an uncertain outcome but months of minimum use and recovery from surgery as a prognosis, I sought out chiropractic care with Dr. Casselman as a second opinion.
I was very happy I took this course of action. Here are reasons that I give this recommendation and advice for anyone considering your own path to healing: 
1. Dr. Casselman has a philosophy that engenders healing as a cooperative and participatory process. That is, he states that it’s the goal of therapy (a partnership, by the way, not something imposed upon a passive patient/client) to eventually move out of a need for therapy.
2. His staff and office setting create an atmosphere that promotes healing. His demeanor and that of his staff are energetic and positive. They make you glad you showed up for your session. They are actively interested in your life and well-being in a way that is non-intrusive but genuine.
3. Dr. Casselman’s office and staff offer a holistic view towards healing that goes way beyond the kind of “fix-it” mentality and invites the patient to assume control over our own lifestyle to promote and sustain better choices and practices. They do this through education and followup as well as a personal attentiveness exhibited in each session.
Best recommendation.

I received treatments for a neck injury as the result of a car accident from over 12 years ago. Pinnacle Chiropractic was the only clinic that was able to get rid of my neck pain for good. Dr. Casselman and his staff did a great job! Thank you all.

Dr. Casselman is very thorough. He took the time to really assess the issue and didn’t just jump into making adjustments. I feel that my treatment will help me for a lifetime. Thanks!
nancy fairclough

I am extremely impressed with Dr. Casselman and his staff, but even more so that he uses a scientifically proven process to restore correct posture versus continuous adjustments. I have been relieved of my daily headaches, and my infrequent migraines have become so much milder that they are hardly an issue anymore. Thank you!

Dr. Casselman has done wonders for my neck and back! I had no idea what the underlying problems had been and now we are getting to the bottom of it. His staff is great and make it easy to take care of business even with 2 four year olds.

I started going to Pinnacle a year ago. My life has changed so dramatically in that amount of time. Dr. Casselman is super knowledgeable about general health as well as chiropractic care. My chronic neck pain and headaches have significantly improved. He has given me so much advice on diet and healthy habits as well. Thank you Dr. Casselman!

I started seeing Dr. Casselman a year ago for what I thought was sciatica pain. I had seen a few other Chiropractors and was starting to get frustrated because the pain was getting worse. He was thorough in his exam and diagnosis, and we started working together. The pain kept becoming less and less and I am so grateful that it is gone because we treated the problem and not the symptoms! Love it here!

When I was referred to Dr. Casselman in 2013, I was in bad shape. After years of neglecting a worsening neck issue stemming from an accident, I finally sought treatment when my neck mobility became severely limited and I was having daily pain and headaches. I admit I was a bit skeptical going in to my consultation, but he couldn’t have been more professional in quickly and effectively diagnosing my problem and recommending a personalized treatment course. He was transparent regarding prognosis, duration of treatment, and cost, which I appreciated. And throughout my entire treatment program, he has always checked in with me, made tweaks as necessary, and maintained a superior level of competence. Moreover, Dr. Casselman treats the actual physical injury and not just the symptoms, which provides a long-term solution and not just a short-term fix. He and his child-friendly staff are kind, compassionate, and treat my young children and me like family. It’s been hard work, I won’t lie, but I’m thrilled to report that my neck mobility is greatly improved, my daily headaches are gone, and my general pain level is nearly negligible. In short, I highly recommend Dr. Casselman and Pinnacle Chiropractic to anyone who suffers from spinal problems. He is a quality-of-life saver!

Dr. C is awesome! I first went in to see him 5 years ago when I hurt my back just after moving to CO. I knew I was in great hands from the first day. A few years later he treated my husband. I have total confidence referring Pinnacle Chiropractic and Dr. Casselman! Who knew a chiropractor’s office could be such a fun place to visit?

Dr. C has changed my life. Headaches used to be an unwelcome yet regular occurrence. I cannot remember the last time that I had a headache and this alone is worthy of five stars. But, wait, there’s more! This is not your typical limp into the chiro every other week until you die office. No, no! This is a “let’s take a look at the PROBLEM and work together toward the SOLUTION” office. Everyone is friendly and I feel like they all genuinely care about how I am, who I am and how I am progressing. Thanks, Dr. C and keep up the amazing spinal work that you do!

The staff is very friendly. Each time I’m there there are tons of people in the office getting various treatments. State of the art equipment and openness of the office makes this an inviting chiropractic office. They also offer the Ideal Weight Loss/Ideal protein program. Megan and Jasmine have been welcoming and they Rock as coaches for this program. They took time to explain the process and provide on-going support for IP.

I found Dr. C and Yelp to help fix a neck problem that caused me alot of pain and bad migraines in January. Dr. C was very thorough in his diagnosis and not only troubleshoot the issue but has worked with me in the last 9 months to correct the issue so it won’t happen again. His treatment method is not like other “fly by” doctors where you go once and fix the problem for immediate relief. He works with you to determine a long term treatment plan to ensure you’re pain free for life! I can not say enough good things about Dr. C and the staff at his office. I would highly recommend coming in if you have any neck/back pain or headache/migraines.

I cannot thank Dr. C and his staff enough! I have scoliosis and used to have awful neck/shoulder pain everyday, along with migraines. I originally went in to be seen for a back brace, but after telling Dr. C of my pain, he wanted to give me an X-ray on my neck, which I didn’t think was the issue, as I have been to doctors, surgeons, etc my whole life, and none of them had identified the cause of my pain as my neck. Turns out, my neck had about half the curvature it is supposed to have and this was the cause of my pain. I completed the plan Dr. C laid out and 4 months after that initial visit, I am virtually pain free! This is something I never thought was possible, I was only trying to decrease the daily pain. I highly recommend visiting Dr. C if you have constant, persistent pain anywhere because he really cares about how you feel, which I’ve found most doctors do not. The staff is really friendly and fun and I will miss seeing Tricia and Kelsi every week! I am also getting the back brace for my scoliosis, and Dr. C is willing to work with me on payments so I can make it work. Overall, very satisfied customer. Thanks!