As a former Division I athlete I’ve had access to top notch medical care. My back issues had always been treated in a way that made the pain go away temporarily, but nothing really stopped the pain and discomfort from coming back. Dr. Casselman diagnosed and treated the root cause of my pain rather than just treating the symptoms. It took a while, but attempting to overcome years of damage really can’t be accomplished overnight. I finally am at the point where I don’t fear picking up one of my kids, swinging a golf club, or doing normal lifting activities around the house that used to make my back “go out” because of the alignment procedures that I was put through as part of my treatment. When my weekend warrior friends mention back pain I do not hesitate to tell them to schedule a visit with Dr. Casselman to find out what REALLY is causing their problems so that they can get on a personalized treatment plan that is right for their situation. I recognize that at any point I may do something to aggravate my existing condition, but I have total confidence in the staff at Pinnacle Chiropractic that they will be able to diagnose the issue, relieve the pain, and strengthen the components of my spine to get my back on my feet.