I was under the care of Dr. Casselman for nearly a year for numbness and tingling I experienced in both hands, resulting from cervical spine impingement. Prior to his treatment I had received physical therapy, which gave some relief temporarily. When the symptoms and discomfort returned I consulted with a hand surgeon who diagnosed carpal tunnel and of course recommended surgery. With an uncertain outcome but months of minimum use and recovery from surgery as a prognosis, I sought out chiropractic care with Dr. Casselman as a second opinion.
I was very happy I took this course of action. Here are reasons that I give this recommendation and advice for anyone considering your own path to healing: 
1. Dr. Casselman has a philosophy that engenders healing as a cooperative and participatory process. That is, he states that it’s the goal of therapy (a partnership, by the way, not something imposed upon a passive patient/client) to eventually move out of a need for therapy.
2. His staff and office setting create an atmosphere that promotes healing. His demeanor and that of his staff are energetic and positive. They make you glad you showed up for your session. They are actively interested in your life and well-being in a way that is non-intrusive but genuine.
3. Dr. Casselman’s office and staff offer a holistic view towards healing that goes way beyond the kind of “fix-it” mentality and invites the patient to assume control over our own lifestyle to promote and sustain better choices and practices. They do this through education and followup as well as a personal attentiveness exhibited in each session.
Best recommendation.