As chiropractors go, I feel Dr. Casselman is one of the most thorough doctors in his field! He goes above and beyond for his patients and will bend over backwards to help make you feel your best . With severe back pain for several years, I didn’t think I was ever going to get “figured out”. From medical doc’s who seemed to just pass along prescriptions, to other chiro’s in my past who felt continuous adjustments were the answer. Granted I’d get relief for a bit but nothing ever seemed to be permanent. Dr. Casselman was the ONLY doctor who took the time to ask deeper questions about my back history at the consult, inquire about what had been tried already, an examination and then X-rays. A concern showed up on the X-ray and he referred me for an MRI. A discovery of a severe herniated disc between L1/L2 was the diagnosis. I finally had a direction to truly improve my health and I thank Dr. C for discovering it. His rehab center provides a true complete comprehensive focus on correct posture care. Thanks for everything Dr. C!!!!!!