I cannot thank Dr. C and his staff enough! I have scoliosis and used to have awful neck/shoulder pain everyday, along with migraines. I originally went in to be seen for a back brace, but after telling Dr. C of my pain, he wanted to give me an X-ray on my neck, which I didn’t think was the issue, as I have been to doctors, surgeons, etc my whole life, and none of them had identified the cause of my pain as my neck. Turns out, my neck had about half the curvature it is supposed to have and this was the cause of my pain. I completed the plan Dr. C laid out and 4 months after that initial visit, I am virtually pain free! This is something I never thought was possible, I was only trying to decrease the daily pain. I highly recommend visiting Dr. C if you have constant, persistent pain anywhere because he really cares about how you feel, which I’ve found most doctors do not. The staff is really friendly and fun and I will miss seeing Tricia and Kelsi every week! I am also getting the back brace for my scoliosis, and Dr. C is willing to work with me on payments so I can make it work. Overall, very satisfied customer. Thanks!