I was in a car accident this past March 2015. I made an appointment with Dr. Casselman at Pinnacle Chiropractic because my pain was unbelievable. I couldn’t move my neck, my upper back was all out of wack and swollen, pain going down my back on my left side. I was so impressed with Pinnacle Chiropractic and I was so impressed that he took the time to do an actual exam and answer all of my questions. He is not only VERY knowledgeable about his profession and how everything is connected but he is one of the kindest doctors I’ve met in a very long time. Every time I walked in the office, (and not just me) he takes the time to look over and say hello to his patients by name. His staff, Kelsey, Josh, Megan, Michelle (everyone there) and himself are all so friendly and on top of what my issues were and we got started the minute I got there. Dr. Casselman at every appointment would take the time to assess me, ask me questions about my pain and give me great advice on how to take care of myself. They also have you sit in the massage chair with ice on your neck or back for some relief from any inflammation. I was also given a coupon to go get a free massage at one of the local spa envy places! Dr. Casselman genuinely cares about you and your progress and he not only helped take away my pain he suggested books to read for other conditions, knows his patients well enough to create friendships between them or connect them for help in other ways too.  It’s a relaxing atmosphere and I felt at home when I walked in the door. I would recommend Pinnacle Chiro to any of my family members and friends ~ even to random people! The whole group is great! Plus, they have this weight loss program that I read about once while I was waiting a whole 2 minutes…. It seems to work very well. It wasn’t for me but I could tell a lot of others were benefitting from it. This is my very first review EVER ~ I don’t usually do this but Pinnacle deserves it! They work hard to make you better!  Thank you Dr. C.