I was always under the impression that I had tension headaches, and I was always going to have them. I’ve been to chiropractors and ART specialists before, and it was always a temporary fix, but it turns out that they never tried to find the root of the problem. They usually blamed me for bad posture, and I was getting headaches pretty much every day. At my consultation with Dr. Casselman, he took x-rays to make sure this was the correct path for me, and showed me the next day how my neck was ridiculously straight. He said it was nothing that could be fixed with the treatments that I had been given before, and explained that we could actually add more curvature to my neck using traction, along with some physical therapy-type exercises to basically retrain my neck. He told me he could get rid of my headaches and I went home and cried as I told my husband because I really didn’t believe it was possible after living with them for as long as I can remember. Is it cheap? Not really. But what is anymore? Did it work? Hell yes. I am in the last week of my treatment plan with him, and I go weeks without headaches, and the usual triggers for them no longer have any effect on me. All doctors are costly anymore, but for one that actually gives a permanent solution to pain (and without prescriptions) is a rare find and completely worth the cost in my opinion.  Besides, you can’t beat the office staff. They’re all so sweet and fun, and genuinely care about their patients. I am so grateful for them and the work they do 🙂