Privacy & Terms

The privacy policy below explains how Pinnacle Chiropractic and Spinal Rehab Center chooses to use the information that you provide whilst using our website. We aim to offer privacy protection for all of our users.

How We Collect & Use Information

  • Pinnacle Chiropractic can use information that is given to us voluntarily by our users in order to improve their experience.
  • We use information that is voluntarily given to us by our users in order to send various electronic newsletters and to give our users access to message boards, forums, polls and surveys.
  • Subscribers will receive our newsletters on a regular basis. However, the regularity depends on the type of newsletter. We may also send out special version that we think our subscribers could be interested in.
  • We never share our newsletter mailing lists with any third party, including partners, advertisers and sponsors.
  • Tracking information is used on the site to help us monitor activity and popularity of various pages on our site. We also do this to find out if there are certain areas of the site that are not popular in terms of traffic.
  • Whilst we monitor how the pages of our website are performing, we do not track our individual users. We monitor the pages to find ways of improving and developing a better experience for ours users.
  • Pinnacle Chiropractic also tracks search items that are entered into our Search. This helps us find out where our users interests lie, however we are not aware of which user enters the terms.
  • We create detailed reports of our sites that list information such as user demographics and traffic patterns to distribute to our sponsors, partners and advertisers. Our advertisers are able to use this information to provide our users with more accurate and interesting advertisements. Advertisers are never aware of the identity of anyone who clicks their aids.
  • We do not give our any information in regards to our individual users, with the exception of complying with a valid legal process, protecting the safety of the public and our users or applicable law.

How We Share This Information

Pinnacle Chiropractic can use the information in the ways that we previously explained in an internal manner. We will not share information with a third party, except to comply with a valid legal process, applicable law or to protect the safety of the public and our users.