A kinetic chain entails a process in which each joint or segment in the chain effects every other segment during movement. Energy and movement in one segment creates a chain of events which affects neighboring joints and segments. A tangible example involves using playing cards or dominos to create a chain reaction beginning with movement in a single part which impacts the whole.

The spine makes up a kinetic chain. Chiropractors understand that a holistic approach provides the best method of ensuring total body care when assessing and addressing symptoms of disease. The existence of a problem in one area of the spine radiates effects onto other parts of the spine and body. Pain tends to be the last sign that a problem exists. A proactive approach ensures the body be kept in the best position possible to prevent pain and disease from occurring. Chiropractors and other spinal health professionals understand and approach the spine as a powerful kinetic chain which influences the health of the entire body.

A leading spine expert Dr. John Bland accurately stated:

“We tend to divide the examination of the spine into regions: cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine clinical studies. This is a mistake. The three units are closely interrelated structurally and functionally. A whole person with a whole spine. The cervical spine (neck) may be symptomatic (painful) because of a thoracic (mid-back) or lumbar (low back) spine abnormality, and vice versa. Sometimes treating the lumbar spine will relieve a cervical spine syndrome, or proper management of the cervical spine will relieve a low back ache.”

– Disorders of the Cervical Spine

The spine consists of twenty-four moveable bones stacked on top of each other with a shock absorber in between each segment. The shock absorber is called an intervertebral disc. Chiropractors focus on the health and functionality of the entire spine to ensure proper alignment and movement within each vertebra and disc.

The spine also intimately connects with the brain and central nervous system. Movement makes up a key ingredient in proper brain and nervous system function. Proper movement means the brain and body communicate to the fullest potential. Every adjustment helps unlock any stiffness or lack of mobility to ensure the process of maximum health and healing. As the spine gets healthier and more well-adjusted, the body gets healthier through better nervous system function. Proactively detecting and addressing all areas of the spine within the kinetic chain remains the ultimate goal. Chiropractors take pride in helping their practice members achieve healthier, more active without drugs or surgery. Stay connected to better help with Chiropractic.

University of Vermont College of medicine 1994
“Disorders of the Cervical Spine.” John Bland, MD. Professor of medicine

These are our three favorite exercises for strengthening the core for people with Back Pain, Sciatica and Disc Pain.

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Many turn to Chiropractic care in search of relief from their neck or back pain. Too many other adults still follow a process of taking dangerous drugs or consulting with surgeons under the assumption that these options best serve their desire to live life free from pain. Few medical doctors understand the benefits of Chiropractic for disc herniations, sciatica, or radiating arm or leg pain.

Research from 2014 showed startling results involving a group of adults living with back pain, leg pain, and disc herniations (confirmed by an MRI). Patients who received low back adjustments by a Chiropractor achieved extraordinary results. It showed 80% of patients reported substantial improvement after one month of care. After 6 months of care, 90% of patients with back pain, leg pain, and disc herniations reported significant benefits from spinal adjustments.

Millions pf people suffering with chronic pain begin using opioid drugs every week. Many thousands begin this process due to back pain. Chiropractic accomplishes so much more than simply providing an alternative remedy for back pain. Chiropractors assess alignment and movement of the spine while looking for problem areas which interfere with the delicate nervous system. Areas of misalignment and stiffness receive immediate attention through specific and gentle adjustments designed to improve biomechanics and communication within the nervous system. Pain relief represents one of many side effects of spinal adjustments.

Chiropractors do not treat herniated discs or other symptoms related to spinal conditions involving back pain, arm pain, or leg pain. Chiropractic adjustments improve spinal mobility and alignment and reduce interference from the nervous system to allow the body to better heal itself. Chiropractic represents a proactive first resort for those suffering from back pain, sciatica, or disc related issues. Evidence based results provide a health care alternative that renders invasive care as a last resort.

Science, research, and evidence substantiate the need for the type of care Chiropractic delivers. Chiropractic represents one of the world’s largest drugless healing professions and continues to gain notoriety and popularity in a world searching for alternatives to a health system that offers reactive care filled with dangerous drugs and invasive surgeries. Most problems in the spine occur without pain, symptoms or are left unaddressed until symptoms form. Subluxations form like cavities and occur slowly over durations of time. Chiropractors focus on educating as many people as possible. Education empowers individuals and families with a choice to experience the blessings and benefits that Chiropractic care provides.

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