Three Exercises For Back Pain, Sciatica and Disc Pain

These are our three favorite exercises for strengthening the core for people with Back Pain, Sciatica and Disc Pain.

Dr. Aaron Casselman here from Pinnacle Chiropractic here in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. And I just want to go over my three favorite exercises that are good for strengthening the core for people with back pain, sciatic pain, disc pain, all sorts of the lower back stuff. So these are the three big ones.

These exercises will allow you to strengthen your core muscles in your lower back without having to really move your lower back a lot. So most people can still do these, even when they’re in pain. Although if they do make you feel worse, you shouldn’t do these. The other thing is that they actually target your core muscles really nicely. A lot of core exercises are done incorrectly and they allow you to recruit other muscles in the body. So the core muscles actually don’t fire. So let’s get started.

There are four quadrants in the core. We’ve got the front, we’ve got the back and two sides. So we’re going to start with the one that targets the exercise that targets the back. It’s very simple. It’s called a hip bridge. 

So you can align your back, put your arms to your side, feet on the floor. And all you have to do is lift your hips up to the ceiling. So you’re flat through your thighs and stomach, you don’t want to be dropped down, and you’re gonna hold this for seven seconds. And the goal is to do 30 repetitions of this. So you hold for seven and then you just dropped back down and you’re going to do it again. You’re going to feel a very strong contraction, isolated to the lower back, but again, your lower back is in a neutral position the whole time. So it’s very hard to aggravate something. So that’s the hip bridge for the lower back.

Now we’re going to do the side bridge for the obliques are the side muscles. So you’re going to be on your side. Your knees are bent to 90 degrees and you’re up when your elbow. And then you’re just going to lift your hips up and forward. Your top arm can beat to the side or holding your shoulder, either one is fine. Correct form is your ear, shoulder, hip and knee are all in alignment. Same hold and repetitions as the previous exercise. You’re going to hold this for seven seconds, and then down. And then you do it again. Again, you can see in this exercise, your lower back is very neutral. You don’t want to hold this for long periods of time. Just seven seconds. You’re gonna try to do 30 on your right side, 30 on your left side.

So the last muscle group to get to is the abdominal group. And we’re going to do something called a curl up. So you have one leg bent, one leg straight. You gonna take your hands and place them under your lower back. You do not want your lower back flattening out to the floor on this one. So what you’re going to do is you’re going to first is engage all your abdominal muscles. So tighten them up. And then while you’re engaging, you’re gonna use that muscle engagement to bring your chest closer to your knees. Your bending point is right below the chest area. It’s not in the lower back. Remember all these exercises, your lower back stays neutral, lower back does not move. You’re going to hold this for seven seconds and then relax back down. You can do 15 of those with one leg bent and 15 with your other leg bent.

So those are my three favorite exercises for lower back issues. We started with the one that targets the lower back, then we target the side and one that targets the front. And if you’re consistent with these exercises and you’re still dealing with a lot of pain, give us a call. We specialize in chronic pain and we have a lot of treatment options here. We do traditional chiropractic. We do rehab. We have spinal decompression, class four laser. We even have a new patient special for folks if they want to try it out. So give our office a call. If you have questions or are having trouble with your back issues.

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